Sizzix located online at http://www.sizzix.com/home is all about becoming the die cutting company for everyone. Whether you are a school teacher that die-cuts regularly putting together projects for you classroom, a stay at home mother needing to fulfill of your paper crafting hobby, or one that pulls out the die-cutting machine once a year to scrapbook the family vacation, Sizzix wants to be all that and more!

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Sizzix is all about die-cuts, embossing folders, and adding texture to create amazing works of art and memories!  With all the awards that Sizzix has won from the crafting industry there is no reason they have a good reputation for making quality products.

Some of the awards Sizzix has won are the following: Creating Keepsakes Readers Choice Awards for "Best Die-Cut Shapes", "Best Die-Cut Equipment", and "Embossing Stencils".  From Crafts/Crafttrends Awards of Excellence, "Best Scapbooking Tool". 

First off Sizzix provides a wide range of different die-cut machines, thus reaching out to a wide range of scrapbookers and designers.  Where most of the die-cutting machines you've probably seen on this website are trying to become the one machine for ALL dies, Sizzix seems to go about it with a different approach providing multiple die-cutting machines with different sizes, options, and capabilities to fit ALL scrapbookers.  There newest machine is called the "Big Shot Pro".  The Big Shot Pro Machine works with every Sizzix and Ellison die cut.  Constructed from industrial-strength materials, the Big Shot Pro Machine features a 13 inch wide opening to cut hundreds of materials. The Big Shot manual or electronic machine is also a great option that are looking for affordability and design with a nice handle for carrying.

Big Shot PROSizzix Big Shot PRO
The Big Shot Pro Machine works with every Sizzix and Ellison design. Constructed from industrial-strength materials, the Big Shot Pro Machine features a 13 inch wide opening to cut hundreds of materials. Included with the Big Shot Pro are a Standard Cutting Pad, a Premium Crease Pad, two 0.10 mm Mylar Shims and an Adapter Pad, which makes all Sizzix components compatible with the Big Shot Pro Machine. It Features a five-year limited warranty. The Big Shot Pro Machine measures approximately 24 1/4" x 15" x 7 1/2". See Big Shot PRO VIDEO

Big Shotsizzix big shot
Big Shot shape-cutting and embossing machine has the name it does. It's because the stylish black-and-pink die-cutting system works with the entire Sizzix product library, including the biggest and smallest dies and most exciting techniques. And if that is not satisfying, this ultimate roller machine cuts everything from cardstock to fabric and many things in between.  The Sizzix Big Shot is known for being the most versatile machine as far as cutting different materials on the market. Included with the Big Shot are a pair of Standard Cutting Pads and the Multipurpose Platform, which makes all Sizzix components compatible with the Big Shot Machine and even works with other brands' dies and embossing tools! The Big Shot Machine measures approximately 14 1/4" x 8 1/2" x 6 1/2". See BIG SHOT VIDEO 

Sizzix Vagabondsizzix vagabond
Sizzix Vagabond Machine inspired by Tim Holtz is a portable electronic die cutting and embossing  machine that has replaced the Big Shot Express. Resembling a well-traveled suitcase on the outside,  the Vagabond Machine easily opens up to reveal a portable yet powerful machine that takes you to  imaginative new places. Upon closer examination, the Vagabond impresses for its uncanny ability to  effortlessly cut and emboss many different materials and thicknesses. Can you think of anything better to bring on your creative journey? Included with the Vagabond Machine is a pair of Standard Cutting Pads, as well as the Solo Platform & Shim, which make all Sizzix components compatible with the Vagabond Machine. Add a Solo Thin Die Adapter (sold separately), and the Vagabond Machine can even work with other brands' dies and embossing tools! In addition, you can use the included sheet of stickers to customize your machine with your crafting journeys. The Construction of the Vagabond has solid core steel rollers, unibody cast roller housing, solid steel gears, high torque motor and ABS plastic exterior. See Sizzix tim holtz vagabond VIDEO

Sizzix Embossing MachineNow here is a tiny machine also offered by Sizzix Ellison called the Textured Embossing Machine.  This is the ultimate for doing cards and embellishments.  It is perfect for the crafter that is on the go with it being a small size and portable.  The Sizzix Embossing Machine will accept all texture embossing folders up to the size of an A2 card size.  And at about 27.00 how could you go wrong with such an affordable price. 

So with the many die-cut machines that Sizzix offers comes many different die-cuts and embossing dies to go with those machines!
 Sizzix die-cuts

The Sizzix Pop N' Cuts are scrapbooking dies that can be run through your die cutting machine or sizzix big shot to create pop up cards,invitations,greeting cards, and other craft projects you can think of. Simply run the die through the machine with your Sizzix pop n' cuts base kit (657802) and you are on your way. YOU WILL NEED THIS TRAY kit in order to use ALL POP UP INSERTS! This is the easiest way to make a pop up card or 50 of them in minutes! These were introduced at the Craft and Hobby Association in 2012.

Why are these dies so cool? They are interchangeable! Meaning you will be able to store your Sizzix pop n cuts in a very small amount of space.And what do we mean by interchangeable? well Karen Burniston designer for Sizzix says, "It starts with your base die which comes with the one die is all you need to make the outer portions of your CARD! Then the open space in the base includes a magnetic plate so that when you put your inserts inside and cut them you get a fantastic easy to assemble single piece pop up card." Then when you are ready to do another card you simply take out the pop die insert and put in your other one and you are ready to go. Here is a VIDEO below showing these. And you can go here to see ALL. CLICK HERE!

sizzix bigz ornamentsSizzix Bigz Dies
Bigz die-cuts are large dies that cut almost anything including cardstock, felt, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, craft aluminum, and many other materials. With these giant sized dies there are endless possibilities to use them for projects such as:  decorative shapes, bags, cards, envelopes and lettering! As stated on Sizzix's webpage these dies are only to be used in the Big Shot and Bigkick die-cutting machines.  The Bigz Dies measure at about 5 1/2 x 6 inches to give the papercrafter ultimate designs.  Bigz dies come is a wide variety of choices:  Accents, Albums, Alphabets, Animals, Bags & Boxes, Cards & Envelopes, Clear, Flowers, Frames, Fun & Celebrations, Holidays, Tags, People & Kids, and Pop-ups.

Sizzlit flowerSizzlits Dies
Sizzlits die-cuts are designed to fit in all Sizzix die-cut machines, but some are compatible with roller machines only.  Sizzlits are designed to cut single sheets of cardstock.  Sizzlits die-cuts are used for those cute little projects if you need a little letter or shape or even a border.  They come in the following categories: Single, Alphabet Sets, Decorative Sets, and Decorative Strips (borders).  These die-cuts are available in many different designs and probably the most affordable die-cuts that Sizzix offers for the quality and quantity of dies.Sizzlits die-cuts have most of the same categories of dies that the Bigz dies do.

Clearlits Dies
Clearlits die-cuts are dies that have a see-through plastic back with an essential shape so you as the papercrafter can see exactly what is being cut.  These clearlit die-cuts make all your scrapbook photos come to life with being able to use amazing decorative accents, tags, ornaments, frames, and much more to cutting and cropping that photo.  Clearlits come in different categories: Flowers, Shapes, Tags, and Miscellaneous Clearlits Dies.  Like Sizzlits, the Clearlits Dies are designed to fit in all Sizzix die-cut machines, but some are compatible with roller machines only.

Embosslits Dies
Embosslits die-cuts basically are your die-cuts that take the die-cutting and embossing into one step.  These can be used in all Sizzix machines, but some are compatible with roller machines only like Sizzlits and Clearlits.  Embosslits include: Alphabet Sets, Flowers, Shapes, Tags, Animals, Phrases, Accents, and many more types of die-cuts.Simple Impression Embossing Folders These are similar to the provocraft cuttlebug embossing folders and are used for embossing gretting cards, stationery, gifts, decorations, and so much more to whatever the imagination can let you create.  Embosslits have the same criteria as the other Sizzix die-cuts mentioned above for their machines.

Sizzix embossing folderTextured Impressions Embossing Folders
Textured Impressions Embossing Folders are the same as the Simple Impression Embossing Folders except that these give you all the textured backgrounds you could want. These also fit the dimensions of an A2 card.  Textured Impressions are to be used with the Bigkick and Bigshot only.  At a price around 10.99 it is a bit high in comparison with the cuttlebug embossing folders and quickutz line of embossing folders too, but absolutely awesome designs.

Sizzix Square 2
Movers & Shapers Dies
Movers and Shapers die-cuts are magnetic dies that are movable and create a window on any card or envelope. You will definitely be moving and shaping any kind of craft project with these mover dies and shaper die cuts. You can have lots of fun doing cards or cute little crafts!

The Sizzix Pop N' Cuts are dies that come from 2012 CHA show. These are dies that can be inserted into your big shot or big shot pro to make an easy Pop Up card or invitation! Here is a video showing some:

texture fadesTextured Fades Embossing Folders
From Sizzix easily emboss in such a way that select areas of the image appear perfectly faded and distressed. These sizzix dies come from the Tim Holtz collection and are REALLY popular among scrapbookers and card makers. You can turn ordinary cardstock, paper, metallic foil or vellum into an embossed, textured masterpiece. These come in swirls, retro circles, checkerboard and many other patterns!

on the edge hanging signOn the Edge 
Sizzix is the On the Edge with these new dies created by Tim Holtz! You will not believe them when you see them up close. But Sizzix brings you the first ever decorative edge to all your scrapbooking projects. This will put a NICE edge at 5 1/2 inches long with whatever style you prefer. The come in file tab shapes, brackets, scallops, scrolls, and much more. The MOST POPULAR on the edge die from sizzix has to be the hanging sign. Very clever! Many popular Tim Holtz dies are brackets, file tabs, on the fence, postage, scallops, and scrollwork!

sizzix framelit Sizzix Framelits for cardmaking
Frame the possibilities with Sizzix Framelits dies! It will give you the exact cuts to fit gorgeously together with a tight fit frame. The wafer-thin chemically etched Framelits Dies that are nesting dies allowing crafters to cut exactly what they see with nothing to obscure perfect print registration. Even scraps, stamped images and printed sentiments can be cropped precisely. Also ideal for stenciling or cutting windows in cards, scrapbook pages and more.

To read a little more about Sizzix and their history as if you haven't had enough see below...

Sizzix has stood the test of time and have become the pioneers of the scrapbooking industry. With their patent dies, textured impressions, and machines it is no reason that this company continues to press forward adding texture to create amazing works of art and memories. From the amazing selection of award winning shape cutting machines to unique designs. Sizzix has received many honors over time in three categories, including DieCut, LaserCut Shapes and Die-Cut Equipment. However, awards such as these mentioned came through much trial and error that will be discussed in this article. And through these Sizzix machines and dies they became more versatile and affordable than ever before in this history of the company, making them a hit with everyone from novices to professional designers. And at present time, the Sizzix company has grown tremendously and now offers numerous other items to help crafters to embellish their scrapbooks. With hard work and inspired owners that now see the fruits of their early labors, the name brand is very well-known among crafters and scrapbook enthusiasts. The great versatility with so many applications is what crafty women have come to love. But how did this all come about and what attributed to their success? To answer this question we must look deeper into the roots of the Sizzix products ancestery of their dies and die cutting machines.

First Ingredient of Success: Die Cutting Machines

The first ingredient of their success was the introduction to a wide range of different machines, thus reaching out to a wide range of scrapbookers and designers. Sizzix has a huge selection of machines and accessories to help you emboss, embroider and more with ease and at prices that are more than affordable. The Big Shot is a stylish black and pink machine that works with their entire product library including the biggest and smallest dies and most exciting techniques. Where most of the machines you've probably seen on this website are trying to become the one machine for ALL dies, Sizzix Ellison seems to go about it with a different approach providing multiple diecut tools with different sizes, options, and capabilities to fit ALL scrapbookers.

Second Ingredient of Success: Sizzix Dies

With the many machines that Sizzix started to manufacture it only seemed obvious to produce many different die-cuts and embossing dies or as they call them textured impressions to go with those machines. This was the second and final ingredient of their success: unlimited amount and variety of shapes for any application. They immediately made dies that would range from large to small and that were designed to cut through hundreds of materials including: cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, metallic foil, paper, and sandpaper (in limited use). And the manufacturing did not stop there. The rave continued with even bigger shapes including full-size bags, boxes, cards, envelopes and album covers. There motto soon became, "go big or go home". By following this next ingredient to go along with their die-cut systems they had now opened the market even wider than before reaching out to each type of crafter and scrapbooker. And eventually down the road would release their Textured Impressions Embossing Folders make embossing fast and easy for those who soely don't just cut expanding to the embossers too.

Here are two videos showing you the Bigz Bow Create a BOW and Create a FLOWER:

Sizzix Create a flower

With the two ingredients of multiple machines and an unlimited amount of versatile die cuts, Sizzix became a winning company that would probably not realize the recipe they had created. The recipe that would stand flawless for years up to the present day. The company had invented a scrapbooking dynasty in the world of cutting. With products that offer a wide range of design options for creative projects and a personal commitment to helping individuals express their inner creativity through a truly innovative line of craft products. The Sizzix name brand is now very well-known among crafters and scrapbook enthusiasts. Since the beginning to now through the good times and the rough times, the company has grown tremendously and it now offers numerous other items to help crafters to embellish their scrapbooks. Some of the shapes of die cuts available from Sizzix have even gone far enough to provide particular themes that work well together when planning out even the MOST specific pages in scrapbooks and/or other craft projects. Whether you are a school teacher that cuts regularly putting together projects for you classroom, a stay at home mother needing to fulfill of your paper crafting hobby, or one that pulls out the die-cutting machine once a year to scrapbook the family vacation, Sizzix has the perfect recipe for whatever one might cook up in that scrapbooking pot.

To learn more about Sizzix Dies including Textured Impressions and all products you can visit CutAtHome for more information. CutAtHome is an online scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafting store. They specialize in providing only quality die cuts, die cutting machines, paper, embellishments, and rubber stamps.

Scrapbooking is a fun way of preserving recollections and historical past in the form of pictures, prints and artwork; and who better to do it for you than Sizzix Ellison the scrapbooking company with hundreds of ideas for inspiration and tons of craft provides, equipment, dies, cutters, paper, tools and accessories. Sizzix opens up new vistas for men and women to express their creativity using their progressive products.


1. Devices - Sizzix offers a number of portable machines for cutting and embossing on a variety of materials including cardstock, paper, fabric, foil, vellum etc. All these devices come in cute colours and forms.

2. Dies - A wide variety of dies for form cutting are available - alphabets, Flowers, animals, borders and edges, textured impressions, faded impressions for embossing and many more. And if you don't find what you're looking for, Sizzix can customized make a die for you within a reasonable price. You can have a mascot, a logo, an original artwork....you are only constrained by your imagination..!

3. Accessories - Sizzix also offers all equipment for the machines (replacement parts) and various types of customized measured paper, strong adhesives, hand-made envelops, scratch-off images, stamps, cutting pads etc.

4. Storage - Keep your dies, strips,cartridges,devices and other equipment stylishly safe and organized in specially designed storage boxes and racks.

5. Value Packs - Sizzix value packs include all that a crafter requires to get a project started and complete it perfectly. They come in all sizes and budgets. Most worth packs consist of a Sizzix machine with remarkable discounts. They would also make a amazing gift for a creative good friend.

You can search for ideas and inspiration from the long list of projects available from Sizzix. There are tasks for card making, embossing, quilting, applique work, paper crafting and home decor. You can find all provides and step-by-step instructions for the project of your choice. select your favourite theme from a choice of around sixteen themes, or just opt for your favourite artist and view his/her projects. Craftwork was never this easy.

Make Christmas cards - die cut reindeers, snowflakes, a christmas tree, holly and berries or a Santa Claus, and give hand made cards to your dear pals.

Create custom made quilts, table athletes and cushion addresses for cherished ones with Sizzix products.

Applique work was never this easy and easy. Cut shapes out of cloth with any of the readymade dies and just sew it onto anything. Show off your appliqued bags, T-shirts and aprons and bask in the glow of compliments coming your way.

Turn jewellery designer with Sizzix jewellery dies. Die cut a pattern out of shell veneer, attach to a chain and embellish with beads. This can be done with the Vintaj line and bigkick machine.

Redecorate your home- make attractive wall decor, wall hangings, wreaths, picture structures, Candle wraps, charms, banners, door hangers, candy jars.....the possibilities are endless.

Discover a new talent for gift wrapping with Sizzix. Wrap gifts with special holiday developed shapes, patterns and borders and watch the gift being appreciated even before it is opened. With Sizzix, scrap booking is just one of the things you can do...!

Now even Sizzix has gone farther to team up with Hero Arts to create a matching rubber stamps line to match their dies. Here is a video giving you a little taste of what you can do with this method:

These are available at CutAtHome.com.

Here is a little more about Hero Arts:

Hero Arts: Giving You Ingenuity and Saving You Money With Rubber Stamps

Almost everyone These days is aware of someone who is crazy about scrapbooking. Whether preserving family memories or just creating something crafty, people seem to love producing unique pages and ideas. Scrapbooking is a pastime that understands no generation limitations. Young, old, and in between come together when paper, pens, stamps, scissors, and glue are set on the desk. Even so, the truth is, some people don't feel very creative. If you are one of those who want to make gorgeous operates of art but feel less than artistic, Hero Arts may be able to help.

Hero Arts is a family owned company based in San Francisco. While you may not have heard of the scrapbooking craze right up until the last several years, this company has basically been selling their goods for around since the 1970s. While they are mostly known for their fantastic rubber stamps, Hero Arts does much more than just make a great product; they teach an art form.

If you are among the creatively challenged, you might need some help coming up with ideas when scrapbooking. One visit to Heroarts can give you exactly what you want. Whether you discover best with pictures, videos or written instruction, this company has it on their site. Scrapbooking has never been easier.

Of course, some people aren't into scrapbooking, and that is okay. Hero Arts has something for you too. Almost everyone transmits cards or needs presents someday during the year. With Hero Arts goods, a simple item of craft paper can become a work of art. With a click of your mouse you can discover all the techniques needed to make Christmas decorations, tie perfect bows, and even set an incredible desk. There is so much information, everyone is sure to find something that they can use.

One of the main merchandise you will find from Hero Arts is their very popular, hand-cut stamps. Whether you choose rubber stamps, cling stamps, wood stamps, or clear stamps, there is sure to be something that you will love. Of course, they also have techniques available to show you precisely how to use each type of stamp. Naturally, there are other solutions available such as specialty paper, ink, and Sizzix embossing designs. Basically, Every Little thing you need to make lovely things is available through Hero Arts.

There is so much that can be done with the merchandise that are sold through Hero Arts. What used to be reserved for artists only is now available for any person. With creative stamps and other gildings, everyone can make remarkable gifts, cards, and so much more. Even greater, when you buy from Hero Arts, you can rest assured that you are being good to the surroundings since the company is certified-green.

It is wonderful to consider that one woman began such a great company right from her home in California. From its humble beginnings, Hero Arts has grown into a great internet company. Their goods are also sold in stores around the globe. Even with its success, it is still family owned and run. They have created wonderful merchandise and offers great training. With a tiny vision and time, you can take these things and make something wildly creative-even if you are usually creatively challenged. So, what are you hanging around for?

To find out about Hero Arts the company and other Scrapbooking supplies you can visit CutAtHome to learn more. www.CutAtHome.com gives a 30% off coupon on all Sizzix products and is an online scrapbooking, card making, as well as scrapbook paper crafting store. They specify in supplying only top quality cardstock,scrapbook dies, die cutting machines, embellishments, as well as stamps that coordinate with scrapbook dies.




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