In June of 2010 Quickutz was bought out by Lifestyle Crafts and then both companies were bought out by another scrapbooking supplier in 2013 but I will still give a history here below about the company at any rate as they were one of the pioneers of the crafting industry.

Quickutz dies were all about quality and design. At first Quickutz was known for there wide selection of die-cut alphabets, but have now really concentrated on providing new and innovative die-cut shapes for every type of person after the buy out. Quickutz-Lifestyle Crafts releases die cuts just about every month. So there is always something new and fresh. If you want to use a different Christmas tree diecut than last year you can bet Quickutz will come out with a selection of different ones each year! And this is the way they do it for all there shapes. Some customers even like to buy Quickutz dies just for the collection. This way you can choose what diecut shapes you want to use on each card or scrapbooking page. Maybe you want to do some Valentines cards, but want to use a different heart die-cut for each card, then this company is a great choice for dies. One last thing that I should mention about Quickutz is that with their new machine called the "Epic Six" also serves the purpose for doing letter press printing, which makes this very attractive machine to those who do wedding invitations, birthday cards, etc. The easiness of use to switch from die cutting to letterpress with inks in a matter of minutes on the same machine is incredible!

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Scrapbooking has become a creative art amongst all people over the past decades. Scrapbooking initially got its start in Ancient instances with the collections of items and pictures that would preserve their era. Today, scrapbooking has taken on a entire new exciting style and creative life, among all walks of life. It has become a world wide. What some of us remember as the old photo albums of black and white photographs, held by small tabs, to todays albums full of color. They have become a distinctive style of the family memories and preservation. scrapbooking began with the uncomplicated things way of writing the information needed today's world of embellishments, decals, stamps and creativeness to preserve a lifetime of family memories. Scrapbooks have sparked America's interest in portraying their one of a kind idea of crafting family memories and history.

Have you ever gotten tired of tracing and cutting out from templates? Have you spent endless hours tracing letters? Have you ever gotten drained of cutting here and tracing there just to get the desired design you wanted? Have you ever wished there was an less difficult and faster way to get this done. Today, there is a company that provides creative crafters the ability to show their skills. The company began in 2000 after trying to find a way to help fellow scrapbookers. It first began as Quickutz, later on expanding to a new website. The website of www.lifestylecrafts.com will open your eyes to a total new world of inventiveness and memory preservation. As many of us have encountered, the numerous hours of tracing your designs, letters and frameworks are now available to scrapbookers much less difficult. This company supplies on their site many things from the history of their company to demos and tutorials on creating distinct ideas. The demos and tutorials are as straightforward as clicking on the item and then demo. They supply consumers an simpler way of creativity at the tip of their fingers. Their blog section offers us scrappers the ability to show off our own creativity by posting photos of what we have accomplished with their die cast chopping programs. They are a company that seeks instinct and design. They stimulate their consumers to be as creative as the next person.

The company is loyal and easily available to their prospects by presenting warranties based on their product type and original receipts of purchase. If you aren't completely satisfied, they supply complete satisfaction with their product. You cant go incorrect with a company and product that is about the scrapbooker's and the creativeness of the world. You cant go wrong with a company that offer yous the demos, tutorials, and blogs to help us help each other achieve that level of family preservation. They give you the possibility to shine with your creative work as an individual. So lets get out there and show our inventiveness to the world through one wonderful company! Let your memories shine and the preservation of a lifetime for a wonderful book of family memories.!


evolutionEVOLUTION - The Evolution is the new 6-inch wide Diec utting, Embossing & Letterpress tool from Quickutz and Lifestyle Crafts and available for pre-order. The Evolution universal craft tool allows you to die cut, emboss, and letterpress! It's lightweight, portable, and compatible with all leading brand dies and embossing folders. This tool is perfect for scrapbooking, card making, home decor, and all craft projects! The Evolution is priced around $99.99. WATCH VIDEO on Evolution

40% off QuickutzQUICKUTZ DIES
Now lets talk about the different die-cuts. Quickutz has probably one of the largest selections of different dies on the market and are priced around 4.99-12.99 for the 2x2 dies and 15.00-25.00 for the Revolution dies. Some of the dies or diecuts they offer are bugs, animals, cooking shapes, embellishments, tags, food, clothes, and much more! They also do have some die-cuts called, “Around the World” dies, which gives you all the dies from all the countries! These are very popular if your family loves to travel and need dies of different states in the U.S. or other countries for those scrapbook pages. Revolution diecut shapes also know as Quickutz grand shapes, are pretty much the same shapes as the 2x2's, but just bigger giving the crafter another option to do a larger layout. Quickutz cookie cutter dies are trimmed right to the edge of the die, which is a plus for not having to waste more paper. The cookie cutter dies come in monograms, (which are all the letters of the alphabet), nesting dies, die sets, and die-cut phrases. Also new to the Quickutz family of diecuts is the Quickutz Embossing Folders that come in 4x6 or 2x2 dies. All dies will go in the epic six. The revolution and squeeze are no longer sold.


z Alphabets
are great fun as well. They come in many sizes and are probably the most popular die cut alphabets out there. Here is a video showing the differences between these Quickutz alphabet dies and where you can get them. All can be used in the different leading brand die cutting machines!

Lifestyle Crafts Label It Dies
Lifestyle Crafts Quickutz and gives you some suggestions on how they can be used. There are 6 kits that belong to this collection which are: label it,clip it,corner it,edge it,tab it,tag it. It Kits also include digital cutting files, so you can cut out the same shapes with a digital cutting machine! With these you can now make your own die cut tags for scrapbooking or cardmaking.

Quickutz offers currently one kind of die-cutting and embossing machine to appeal to all types of people and affordability. It is the Epic Six die cutting and embossing tool. If you are NOT sure about what Quickutz Die Cutting System you would like to buy read this article first and perhaps it will help you in making a decision: EPIC SIX VERSUS EPIC TWELVE. The Epic 12 has yet to be released or seen.

The Epic Six die-cutting tool is brand new machine made by Quickutz to replace their Squeeze and Revolution.  The new Epic Six will cut and emboss ALL quickutz dies and other leading brand dies making this die-cutting machine the most universal die-cutting tool that Quickutz has ever released.  It's name comes from its large opening of being six inches wide to accommodate all your Revolution Grand Shapes diecuts. It is also very light weight and portable.  I would say that the Epic Six is very similar in design to the Provocraft Cuttlebug.  Although the main difference between the Provocraft Cuttlebug and the Quickutz Epic Six is the Epic Six was engineered to distribute the pressure more evenly on the cutting surface so you can get a more clean and even cut on your dies. 

If you have any questions contact CutAtHome.com for more information on how to use the Quicktuz Epic Six die cutting and embossing machine!

How to Emboss Quickutz Dies video:

How to Cut with Quickutz Dies video:

EPIC SIX and Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a printing technique which has been in use in the West since the 15th Century, when it was used by Johannes Gutenberg to manufacture the Gutenberg Bible. Although because of the size, price and lack of accessibility to a traditional letterpress machine, this art form had vanished. We'll at least until now...This type of printing has recently seen a revival in the past few years, particularly due to the interest created by the use of letter press for wedding invitations in contemporary magazines and websites.

The popularity of this form of printing has continued to grow and has become one of the most sought after looks for stationery, invitations, cards, gifts, and much more. Because of the merging of two companies Quickutz and Lifestyle Crafts, this form of art is making a comeback and won't be disappearing again this time around.

epic six What Is Letterpress Printing?

The Letterpress from the Lifestyle Crafts Quickutz, sets the standard for easy to use, affordable letterpress printing that's practical for any home crafter.  The standard letterpress process involves printing words, letters, or designs with ink while simultaneously debossing it into a thick, soft paper. Over the past several years letterpress has seen a resurgence in popularity, evolving into a modern art form that epitomizes class and high quality.

letterpress Letterpress as an upcoming trend among everyday crafters

Letterpress printing has seen a revival in the past few years, particularly due to the interest created by the use of letterpress for wedding invitations in contemporary magazines and websites. The popularity of this form of printing has continued to grow and become one of the most sought after looks for stationery, invitations, cards, gifts, and much more. Because of the size, price and lack of accessibility to a traditional letterpress machine, this art form has yet to become available to the everyday home crafter…until the release of the Quickutz Epic Six Die-Cutting Tool.

Letterpress printing from Lifestyle Crafts

The Letterpress from Lifestyle Crafts, or L, sets the standard for easy to use, affordable letterpress printing that's practical for any home crafter. With the L Letterpress product line you can create handmade letterpress projects like cards, invitations, gifts, stationery and more. From simple day-to-day expressions and correspondence to momentous occasions like weddings and babies, the L Letterpress enables you to creatively celebrate every event in life.

L Printing Plates feature fresh, contemporary designs that are divided into 5 categories:

  • Everyday
  • Baby
  • Celebrations
  • Wedding
  • Holiday

[Much of this information was taken from Lifestylecrafts.com, a division of Quickutz, Inc.]

And here is a video on how to letterpress with the Epic Six.

So what's in right now and will be for awhile at Quickutz, it would have to be there die-cut adhesives. These are so cool! They have adhesive cork, adhesive metal, adhesive clear plastic, adhesive grey chipboard, adhesive magnet, adhesive vellum, adhesive white chipboard, and double-sided adhesive sheets. Check them all out. Some more popular items are there 4x8 die cut alphabets. Some of these include: Aquarius,Storybook, Rainbow Classic, Rollerskate, Dragonfly to just name a few.

 Quickutz Adhesives





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