Provo craft is all about creativity! Like Sizzix, Provo craft's goal is to appeal to all types of crafters whether they be scrapbookers, papercrafters, or card makers.  With there award winning machines, Cricut & Cuttlebug, Provocraft stands out with innovative die-cutting technology.

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 ProvoCraft Cuttlebug Die Cuts & Embossing Folders

  Cuttlebug Cutting Dies
Simply put the provocraft cuttlebug die-cuts are some of the nicest dies out there on the market. Cuttlebug dies come in so many different styles and sizes giving the papercrafter or scrapbooker tons of options, with these die-cuts being so versatile. Provocraft's claim to fame is that the Cuttlebug diecuts have been designed by some of the finest artists in the die-cutting industry. The dies offer very precise cuts. These dies come in the following: 2x2 single dies, 3x3 dies, 2-step cut dies for layering, alphabet dies, 2x6 bundle dies, and 2x2 themed dies.

 Cuttlebug Embossing Folders
The Cuttlebug A2 embossing folders are probably the biggest hit by provocraft. With currently over 40 different cuttle bug emobossing folders, these are a must have for those that love to emboss cards and envelopes. The reason these embossing folders are so popular among scrapbookers is the amazing texture and design that they provide. Provocraft offers two kinds of embossing folders: 2x2.75 and 4.25x5.5. The 2x2.75 come in sets of 4 and can be used to make matching cards and envelopes. The 4.25x5.5 are the most affordable embossing dies on the planet and are primarily used for card making. These dies are priced at the most around 5.00 retail. The others that come is sets of four are priced between 15.00-24.00. Still a great deal too for getting about 4 dies. These embossing die-cuts come in A2 card size, 5x7, and sets. Click here to view ALL embossing folders for Cuttlebug.

See how to use the Cuttlebug Embossing Plus to make some window cards. These new emboss plus dies are the REAL DEAL! With no extra plates or mats to purchase you can do the cutting and embossing with the Cuttlebug machine and the plates that you already own!

Video on the Emboss PLUS dies:


 The Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser Machine
What can we say about this little portable die-cutting system made by provocraft? Well... It is a dream come true for die-cutters out there. The Cuttlebug for one already will cut most any dies that you already have whether it be Bosskut dies or Quickutz dies, and from what I hear the Cuttlebug cuts and embosses Spellbinders dies very well with the right plates and with the Spellbinders tan embossing mat. And yes ladies that includes cutting and embossing Spellbinders famous Nestabilities! Next the Cuttlebug has a fold in platform that makes it great for storage. Next the Cuttlebug by Provocraft is so easy to use. You first lower the platforms, place your die face up between the cutting pads, and turn the handle to move the die through the Cuttlebug machine. That's it! Click below to watch a demo of the Cuttlebug in action put on by Provocraft or watch it here:

So if you are thinking about buying the Cricut you might want to think again. See this article: Provo Craft Cuttlebug May Be a Better Bug Than the Cricut


Provocraft sells a storage binder that is blue and fits all of the 2x2, 3x3 provo craft dies. It also fits the A2 envelope embossing folders.  It retails for about 22.00 at www.cutathome.com


Cuttlebug 2 inch binder inserts. 11 x 8.25 storage inserts for the use with the cuttle bug storage binder. One insert holds 24 2 x 2 cutting dies or 2 x 2.75 embossing folders. These retail at about 6.00.

The Cuttlebug 3x3 binder insert comes with two storage inserts that will hold sixteen 3x3 folders.  These retail at about 6.00.

The Cuttle bug A2 binder insert comes with two storage inserts that will hold eight A2 folders.  These retail at about 6.00.

The Cuttlebug 2x6 binder insert will hold 16 2x6 dies.

Also Provocraft Cuttlebug provides extra cutting and adapter mats.  It's always good to have an extra one of each just in case you're in the middle of a project and one snaps or breaks.  Although the main reason that these cuttlebug plates would break is if you are using them incorrectly.  The Cuttlebug A spacer plate is a handy block for the Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser that allows the machine to work efficiently and effectively with other brands of thin dies.  Then you have the "C" Adapter Cutting MatThe Cuttlebug B replacement cutting pads come in a dual pack to help you cut and create longer on the Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser. This package contains 2 Type B Cutting Pads.

You now have ALL the 6x13 cutting mats too here below:

Spacer Mat A 6x13 - This spacer mat is for use with the Cuttlebug die-cutting machine and the 12" embossing folders. It measures 6 x 13 x .25".

Spacer Mat B 6x13 - This cutting mat is for use with the Cuttlebug die-cutting machine and the 12" embossing folders. It measures 6 x 13 x .25".

Adaptor Mat C 6x13 - This adaptor mat is for use with the Cuttlebug die-cutting machine and the 12" embossing folders. It measures 6 x 13 x .25".

And if that is not enough information here is a litter History about Provo Craft and their bugs the cricut and cuttlebug:

As Provo Craft is one of the pioneers of the scrapbooking industry, many crafters only know of the Cricut Digital machine. But in 2006 they came out with another bug that was making some different sounds, which was called the Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser. This article takes a look at the other side of the company ProvoCraft that often scrapbookers neglect and may not know much about. If you have ever considered a more hands on approach to making a scrapbook page or greeting card for friends and family, this manual machine should also be an option and well worth the expense.  


The Provo Craft Cuttlebug machine is classified as a diecut roller machine, the most durable type of diecut machines on the market. The machine comes with everything to setup your new crafting station. It was released in November of 2006 and has hit the crafting community by storm. The Cuttlebug combines modern engineering and usability with a compact fold in store profile system.  The tool comes with a spacer block, two 7-3/4-by-6-inch cutting pads, thin die adapter, user manual, and a hand-crank handle, as well as a hex key tool, screw, and plastic cap for handle installation. The hand-crank rolls the material through the machine to the opposite tray, cutting or impressing images. Then with the suction system it sticks to flat surfaces to prevent slippage while cutting. Equipped with an integrated pop-up handle for easy machine transportation and portability with its fold-up trays for compact storage makes this a crafters dream. There are no buttons to push or software to configure. Just lower the platforms, grab your plates, and you are ready to go.


The machine works with a variety of Provo Craft cutting dies and embossing folders, available for separate purchase through many retailers. And will work with many other manufacturers' thin dies and steel rule dies for greater flexibility and versatility. So no need to throw away any other leading brand die-cuts you may already have. The embossing dies are great and they don't need that much pressure from this machine to give you a crisp image. Cut a shape, emboss a shape, or cut then emboss shapes with the inspired designs available. Then there is the emboss plus. With these there is no need to have extra dies, mats, or special cutting plates with these embossing folders. They will allow you to Cut, Emboss, and Deboss with ONE single die. Last but not least are the regular die cuts with your favorite Disney characters that open up all kinds of fantasies for creations. These are just a few of many that Provo Craft offers.

In conclusion although the cricut digital machine is definitely one of the most popular machines out there on the market, a crafter should also consider the Cuttlebug machine. With its affordability, easiness of use, and portability. The only real complaint this machine gets is why there are not more dies for it. This tool is the perfect addition any crafter wanting the hands on feeling of scrapbooking at an affordable price. It will allow you to cut and emboss shapes from many inspired die designs. This is an excellent product for scrapbooking with affordable dies to buy.  The machine and inspired die-cut designs exclusive to the Cuttlebug system are as fun as they are simple to use. So is the Cuttlebug really better than the Cricut? I guess that depends on who you ask. But as far as the company is concerned I would like to think they are pleased with whatever the end user chooses.

To learn more about Provo Craft Cuttlebug Dies including Cuttlebug embossing folders and all products you can visit CutAtHome for more information. CutAtHome is an online scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafting store. They specialize in providing only quality die cuts, die cutting machines, paper, embellishments, and rubber stamps.

All in One Embossing Folders

These are also great dies offered by cutathome.com. Here is a video on these dies as well:

Make it, Do Not Buy it and Cut Costs with Provo Craft Cuttlebug and Embossing Folders

Everyone is on some kind of budget in this day and age, but that doesn't mean shoppers have to go without items they love. There are a large number of ways for people, particularly those who love scrap booking projects, to find bargains and cut corners in order to continue with their hobby. When I say bargains, I'm not just talking about couponing, coupon codes, or finding discounts through retailers or online. I'm talking about finding new ways to create scrapbook paper products. For example, rather than purchasing die cuts for their scrap booking projects the crafter or scrapbooker could use cutting methods like the Cuttlebug, for instance, and see extreme savings over a relatively short period of time.

How does a consumer see intense savings using die cutting? This sounds like an impossible notion to some, but it isn't. Many contemplate the initial investment high, but these tools pay for themselves over and over again with time. Buyers are regularly shocked at how the savings continues to add up when they put their creativethinking caps on. Not only can buyers find cardstock and other heavyweight papers in discount stores at a cheaper rate than organizations creating die cut packs, but also the scrapbooker can create die cuts for exactly what they need. For example, if a consumer picks up a die cut pack from a shop on online, odds are there a few cuts in the pack they're not going to use. Sure, they could bring these items to a scrapbook swap to trade them for other paper goods. However, if these scrapbook women don't have access to these parties, the cutting method like the Provo Craft Cuttlebug mentioned above is the perfect alternative.

Die cuts serve a lot of other crafting functions as well beyond that of scrap booking projects. Crafters are using them to decorate hand-made books, they're using them for custom made greeting cards, and they're using them for a multitude of other paper crafts. These die-cut tools allow for imaginative exploration of new and innovative craft projects the crafter may not have considered to examine had they purchased a pre-cut die cut pack. For example, would you have considered to make some paper lanterns for a baby shower if you had purchased a pre-cut die cut pack for a distinct project? Chances are, the reply to that question is no because the pre-cut packs restrict you to the offerings within the packet.

There's also opportunity to bring in a bit of income for those who are interested in creating their own specialised die cut packs, and then listing them online. Individuals are starting up specialty shops all over the Internet, and that includes paper products for scrapbook. Some web-sites that host these types of offerings are CutAtHome.com and ebay, but some shoppers have also determined to become their own retailers on their own webweb sites using Paypal.com's shopping cart method. So, as you can see, there are a number of ways to make these cutting instruments more than pay for on their own no matter if you're a hobbyist or a professional scrapbooker. With the Provo Craft Cuttlebug it can be accomplished easily!




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